The Best Commercial Cookware for Foodservice

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The Best Commercial Cookware for Foodservice

Each restaurant's front-of-house offers a unique atmosphere. You make countless decisions in order to make your restaurant different from others, carefully considering how the tables should be situated, what materials should be used for the chairs, what the ideal shape of the dinnerware is, what the lighting should look like, and much, much more. 

But once you move on to the back of the house, things look pretty similar from one restaurant to another. Yes, we know the types of food prep equipment used will vary, but overall, kitchens, unlike dining rooms, need to serve a much more utilitarian purpose, and that leads to a certain uniformity from one restaurant to the next.

Though the kitchen area primarily serves a practical purpose, many manufacturers are turning their attention to how their kitchen equipment is designed. This is done to make things look better in addition to making them easier to use.

One of the leading manufacturers in commercial kitchen supplies is Vollrath.

Professional cookware

What stands out about Vollrath’s cookware is that it comes with so many options, including aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, tri-ply or clad bottom materials. These can come in any number of coatings (CermicGuard II, Steel Coat x3, PowerCoat2 and more), and they are also matched with a variety of handles.  

With all of these possibilities, your cookware can come very close to feeling custom, and the equipment is suitable for everything from fine dining to college cafeterias.

Of course, Vollrath still makes an extensive line of classic aluminum cookware that is durable and ideal for medium to high-volume kitchens.


It may sound a little much to talk about the advantages of an ice cream scoop, but Vollrath’s extended handle ice cream spade is a design that has gotten people talking. The design won the 2016 FER Smallwares Award, and even if you don’t need a new ice cream scoop in your restaurant, it’s evident they put great attention into details many overlook.

This can be seen in their Jacob’s Pride line of kitchen utensils, which offer the following features:

  • Color coding so the right utensils are used with the right food products
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Antimicrobial materials to reduce risk of contamination
  • Limited lifetime guarantee

With their attention to detail and design, Vollrath has added an almost personal touch to their line of professional cookware and utensils. You’ll find these items will add a splash of style to any kitchen.

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