Best Commercial Kitchen Prep Equipment

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Best Commercial Kitchen Prep Equipment

Today’s modern commercial kitchens are a blend of industrial technology with art. At one end you have efficient machinery to keep food fresh, prepare it, cook it and serve. But thrown into the assembly line are the chef’s personal touches, and ability to make meals out of unlikely ingredients.

At TriMark, we don’t supply the chefs, but we do know a good deal about the equipment that makes their masterpieces possible. We also know a few things about how to clean up once those creations have been served and enjoyed.

Today we’re going to look at what the top manufacturers are doing to redesign food preparation stations, and how this might affect your kitchen.

Hobart's line of food prep equipment

With the belief that equipment used to cook for a big crowd, or needed to prepare a huge amount of food requires the same attention to detail as the tools used to cooking a small, gourmet meal, Hobart's line of food preparation products have been the industry standards for decades. Their mixers, salad dryers, meat tenderizers, processors and much more cover every stage of the food preparation process. Here's a look at some of the essentials: 

Meat production

Great chefs know quality ingredients are the foundation of any meal. No matter how skilled you are in the kitchen, if the meat, veggies and spices aren’t the best, then the meal you serve won’t be gourmet.

To ensure both quality and cost efficiency, many restaurants prepare their own meats. For this, Hobart proposes a number of solutions, including meat grinders, tenderizers, mixers, saws and more.

These products come in a variety of sizes, including those small enough for restaurants wanting to do in-house meat preparation and big enough even for large-scale cafeterias, independent butchers or central kitchens where food is prepared and distributed.

Engineered for easy, clean operation, these products promise worry-free performance.

Salad dryers 

It’s time to get rid of your salad spinner. Hobart’s salad dryer is both a cool piece of engineering and a legit money-saving machine. Its job is simple, to dry off greens and vegetables, and it saves money by extending the shelf life of leafy greens by as many as two to three days.

Additionally, by removing the excess water, you cut down on how much dressing is needed by as much as 15 percent.

Hobart manufactures a number of other essential food prep equipment. Perhaps what's most exciting about their products are the details. Powerful motors, precision blades, the list can go on. And if you wanted, you could quickly get lost looking through all their impressive products.

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