How the Top Tech is Helping Your Business Run in Today's Market

Posted by Tara Stanton

Do more with less — that’s the challenge we’re tasked with every single day. Our industry is known for its intense competition, constant innovation and narrow margins. To succeed, you need to be unique, offer a great product and, of course, do more with less.

And that’s where the latest tech can play a huge role, preserving your productivity all while cutting your costs. No matter what size business you run, here are three ways the latest tech can help you.

1. It can cut your energy costs. From urban farming to smart recycling, green practices are gaining ground across our industry. One of the easiest ways reduce your carbon footprint along with your energy bill is to replace your outdated equipment with new, more energy-efficient models. When you consider that the average restaurant spends 18 percent of its energy usage on dishwashing, for example, and the latest models from Hobart can cut that usage by 15 percent, the savings quickly become apparent. When you’re in the market for new equipment, look for Energy Star rated models or contact your restaurant equipment and supplies distributor for the best energy-saving solutions in your desired category.

2. New tech gives you the same benefits in a smaller size. When it comes to foodservice, the front of the house pays the bills and the back of the house incurs the costs. So it’s to your benefit to make the front of your house as large as possible, and that means shrinking your back-of-the-house space. New technology can help you downsize. Miniature combi-ovens and taller, narrower refrigerators are cutting the size once reserved for some of the kitchen’s largest tools. Other pieces of tech are proving adept at handling multiple tasks, allowing you to eliminate some equipment completely. Outfit your new kitchen with the latest tech to match your size requirements. And if you’re working in an existing space, these tools can help you free up additional room for prep, service or storage needs.

3. It makes for easier operation. The foodservice industry, unfortunately, is one of constant turnover, and when you make a new hire, you’re also signing on for the additional training that comes with it. Technology can help. Modern foodservice equipment is easier to use than ever before, allowing you to get new employees up to speed quickly. It also secures a more consistent product day after day and helps prevent injuries, alleviating two of your greatest concerns.

In a time when your business is feeling more external pressure than ever before, it’s good to know you can find helpful solutions with the latest technology. To learn more about how technology can help you run your business, contact your restaurant equipment and supplies distributor today. 

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