A Quick Guide to Commercial Vegetable Steamers

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While vegetables are a primary source for the nutrients we need to lead a healthy, active lifestyle, the wrong cooking method can deplete the vegetables of up to 50 percent of their vitamins and 15 percent of their minerals. Because of this, many consumers have been opting to steam their vegetables. This method is not only quick and convenient, but it’s the best way to retain those wonderful nutrients.

In institutional settings, steaming makes it possible to cook large amounts of vegetables very quickly. Different vegetables, of course, require different care. To help understand what kinds of steamers do what, we’ll look at the three main types of steamers produced by Groen, a leader in commercial steamers.

Intek Connectionless Steamer

For big operations, this model is ideal for cooking large batches of starches and vegetables, and it can cook a lot of them. With the industry’s highest production rating, it’s able to steam up to 175 pounds per hour and cook 48 pounds of frozen vegetables in 17 minutes. In addition to being a powerhouse of a steamer, it’s energy efficient. With an ENERGYSTAR® rating, it uses 67 percent less energy than conventional steamers and has one of the lowest water-consumption rates of any commercial steamer. For both power and efficiency, this is the steamer for large-scale operations, such as schools, event facilities, and hospitality and resort businesses.

SmartSteam 100 Steamer

This boilerless steamer is all about versatility, making it perfectly suited for fast-paced, à la carte production. Because it doesn’t use a boiler to produce steam, it uses up to 50 percent less water. And because it comes in both gas and electric models, both of which are available in three different sizes, there’s a model to fit a number of institutional needs.

HyPerSteam Generator Steamers

The innovative design that includes internal convection fans increases cooking speed and reduces energy costs. In addition to vegetables, this model is perfectly suited for seafood, too. With near instant steam-recovery, this workhorse also has hands-free, à la carte door options for easy operation. When the rush is over, the auto-cleaning feature provides effortless maintenance. 

If you want to learn more about commercial steamers and what’s best for your business, take a look at our handy FAQ sheet

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