What Do You Need to Look for When Shopping for Cooking Equipment?

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Ranges and griddles, combi ovens, steamers and kettles, your business probably has all or most of these pieces of equipment, and while your menu may dictate which items are the most important, you still want the best in every category. So you have to find it.

As you start your search into upgrading your cooking equipment, keep these things in mind when shopping for these essential items.

Ranges and Griddles

Whether you opt for a range, griddle or both, this piece of equipment will be responsible for preparing the bulk of your meat.

When selecting a range or griddle, look for options that are easy to clean. The easier the equipment is to keep clean, the more likely your staff will do so properly. You should also look for an option that matches the size of your restaurant and the needs of your menu. Most commercial ranges are 36–48 inches and you may opt to be on the high or low end of that spectrum depending on your demands. Finally, consider energy efficiency when shopping for a range or griddle. Any power you can save during your daily operation will lead to annual savings.

When shopping for a range or griddle, start your search with Vulcan. Relied on by chefs and restaurateurs for over 130 years, Vulcan has a full line of ranges and griddles to meet any specifications.

Combi Ovens

When it comes to combi ovens, keep it simple. Some models have simply gotten too complex as they've tried to one-up each other with add-ons you simply don’t need. You should look for an oven that is appropriately sized for your menu, easy to clean and cool to the touch — in as many places as possible. The more burns you can prevent the better.

Start your search for a combi oven with Alto-Shaam. Active in the industry for 50 years, Alto-Shaam has a wide array of options that give you everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Steamers and Kettles

When you use a steamer or a kettle, there’s going to be water involved and that makes corrosion control one of the top things to look for in these products. This equipment is available in a variety of energy options as well, so don’t be afraid to look for a steamer or kettle that fits your needs rather than adjusting your workflow to the technology.

Products from Groen offer customizable solutions that you can incorporate into any kitchen. They’re corrosion resistant and energy efficient, giving you the best product for the greatest cost control.

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