Maximize Your Dishwashing Process and Space

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Maximizing your dishwashing process in a minimal space

No one will ever say the warewashing station is the most glamorous space in the house, but all restaurateurs agree it’s one of the most important. The product of all your kitchen work and all the tables in your dining area eventually comes back to the warewashing station, and if your station is too small, it can create a bottleneck that slows down the rest of the restaurant. So how do you keep the water and everything else flowing in a tiny warewashing station?

Start by following these suggestions.

  • Get the right washer for the space. If you have a big restaurant and a tiny warewasher station, then you need the fastest warewasher you can find so you can make up for your lack of size with pure speed. As you shop for a new warewasher, ask your restaurant equipment and supplies distributor about the speed of each model you are considering. Explain to them your space concerns and together the two of you will find the perfect model to meet your specific challenges.
  • Wash in shifts. If the counter threatens to be overrun by dirty dishes and pans, then spread it out. Make sure all prep and cooking dishes are delivered to the warewashing station before the dinner rush begins in earnest. This will allow the team to have the station ready to go once the dinner guests are finished.
  • Employ additional help. To keep the warewashing space clean, the machine should be running at all times; if it sits empty because your team is unloading a rack or putting away dishes, it threatens to slow down your line. Instead, consider adding additional staff on the busiest nights so one part of the team can focus on feeding the warewasher, and the second part can deliver what comes out.
  • Add additional washers. You may have only enough space in your restaurant for a smaller warewasher, but that doesn’t mean you can’t afford to add other washers somewhere else. A small washer on the back line or a glass washer underneath the bar can ease the burden on your central warewashing station and ensure equipment never leaves the station where it’s needed most.
  • Choose the right warewasher. The washer you choose makes all the difference. Select a warewasher from a quality manufacturer, like Hobart, to minimize your risk of the machine breaking down or becoming clogged, compared to other models. The right model, continually operational, prevents a log jam in your operation and keeps everything flowing just as it should so you can focus on your guests and the rest of your restaurant's needs.

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