How to Find the Best Commercial Braising Pan for Your Kitchen

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Are you looking for a miracle tool to use in your kitchen? Who isn’t? We’d all love to have that perfect piece of equipment that creates a quality product, saves us time and reduces our expenses. And, if space is limited, we'd also love for it to take the place of three or four other kitchen tools as well.

The truth, however, is that there is no perfect, miracle tool in our industry. At the same time, the braising pan comes pretty close. The right braising pan can be used to braise, sauté, simmer, fry and grill, which is pretty good for one tool. What's more, the right pan provides durability and a quality product time after time. 

So how do you find that perfect braising pan?

To help you with this essential search, we’ve compiled the top things we look for in a braising pan. Start your search with this list in mind and you’ll find the perfect pan to have you simmering, frying, grilling, braising and sautéing in no time.

1. What size pan do you need? Braising pans come in all different sizes and some of the largest pans can hold to up 50 gallons. But if you don’t do large volumes or if you have a tiny kitchen, you may opt for a slightly smaller model. To judge the best size for your needs, look at your menu and your prep requirements. Next, ask yourself what the biggest job your pan will be tasked with handling. Once you have your answer, seek a pan that matches that need. Finding the appropriate pan instead of one that is too large will save you money, space and oil.

2. Is a gas or electric pan right for you? This decision isn't as nerve-wracking as you may think because braising pans work equally well in both cases. This will allow you to make your choice based on the existing infrastructure on your kitchen, instead of the pan itself. And that’s good news, especially for tiny kitchens, because it lets you work with the tools that are already in place.

3. Those finishing details. The right braising pan is essential, but there are other things you may want to add as well, like a lid. If you anticipate your pan will see heavy use, a lid is a good idea. In addition, you should also look for an insulated pan. This not only lowers your energy costs, but it also adds a helpful layer of protection against staff injuries.

4. Look for a top manufacturer. Want a braising pan that will satisfy all of the above criteria? Start your search with Groen. A manufacturer of quality kitchen equipment since 1907, Groen has the perfect braising pan model for any commercial kitchen’s size and needs. Start your search here and make this miracle tool part of your foodservice team today.  

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