4 Restaurant Promotion Ideas to Help You Overcome Seasonal Slowness

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4 Restaurant Promotion Ideas to Help You Overcome Seasonal Slowness

You don’t need national statistics to tell you what the colder months and extreme weather do to your business, do you? No, probably not. Simply put, when the weather turns cold, your crowds shrink compared to what you see during warmer weather. Blowing wind, plunging temperatures, snow and sleet — they all make customers less likely to hop in their vehicles and pay your business a visit.

So how do you reverse this trend?

When the weather turns cold and the elements are working against you, your customers might want to just stay home. But that just means you have to get creative and work even harder to bring them in. Fortunately, now’s the perfect time to offer promotions you may not otherwise try, and this series of blogs can show you how to get started. We're going to look at some tactics you can employ to bring guests into your business and drive profitable sales numbers — come rain, sleet or snow.

Over the next four blogs, we’ll discuss the following:

* Enhancing the guest experience. When the weather gets cold, guests need a warm welcome more than ever. In this blog we’ll explore how you can make your business a more inviting environment during the winter months. We'll explore placing heaters by the front door, offering valet car service, and even discuss delivery or curb-side to-go options. We’ll also review the myriad ways you can add a personal touch to these seasonal sales to make your business a coveted destination.

* Specialty or seasonal food nights. As the weather changes around you, don’t ignore it. Instead, respond to it with dishes or seasonal food nights that matches the conditions outside. Seasonal dishes, craft soups, winter vegetables and, of course, comfort food — these are all examples of ways you can use the season as an opportunity to spruce up your menu. In this blog we’ll take a closer look at some of the most popular dishes you can add to your menu during the winter months. You may find a thing or two here that could become the focal point of your next rollout.

* Entertainment nights. It’s a strange fact of life: most people report public speaking as their number one fear. But at the same time, they sure do love to sing karaoke. If your restaurant does not yet offer a karaoke night, you may consider adding one for the winter. And if you're looking for other entertainment ideas, you can wow your guests in ways above and beyond your food and your staff’s service. We'll look at promotions tied to television events, author readings and live music. Take the time to carefully consider each of the options presented here, and you're sure to find one that's perfect for you. 

* Educational nights. Bringing the thrill of a reality television show to your restaurant during the winter months is easier than you may think. Start by hosting a cooking class, teaching the secrets to making a great cocktail or showcasing the scores of other tricks and talents your staff brings to the table. If educational nights are intriguing to you, you’ll find plenty of ideas in this blog, all allowing you to put class in session at your business.

Slower sales are sometimes the norm during the winter months, but you don’t have to begrudgingly accept them. Harsher weather simply means you have to work harder to bring people inside, and the rewards for doing so will extend far beyond your bottom line. Read on and follow each of the four blogs in this series to find the tools you need to start planning for an active and profitable winter season.



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