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If you’re like most restaurant owners, you got into the business because you love food. It probably started when you were young, and you tried concocting some not-so-delicious dishes from an assortment of cans and things you found in your mom’s refrigerator. Eventually, though, all of those experiments helped you build some real culinary skills. You developed a palate, worked your way through a few restaurants or other gigs in the foodservice industry, and now here you are.

It turns out, however, that owning and running a restaurant isn’t always about deciding which sauce to develop or whether you should risk your signature dish by adding an exotic ingredient that’s recently become a craze. Instead, a lot of your time is devoted to making interior design decisions, such as the dining room's layout and details like how far apart to set the chairs. Then you've got to deal with questions of aesthetics, too. Everyone is raving about reclaimed wood, exposed ducts and industrial-style metal work right now, so should you get in on this trend? You need to decide what’s most important: seating that incorporates feng shui principles, or seating that maximizes occupancy?

These are important questions, and fortunately you’re not expected to know these answers.

Dining room and commercial kitchen design

When you start thinking about what you need to do and how to proceed with designing or redesigning a kitchen, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the options out there. It’s no small exaggeration to say that, in many cases, there is simply too much to choose from. So how do you make sense of all the choices? Where can you turn for advice?  

At TriMark, restaurant designs are our bread and butter. Our consultants have worked with a range of clients — all with different needs and requirements — to help them build efficient commercial kitchens and create the optimal dining experience.

With Divisions, such as TriMark Federighi Design, based in Richmond, California, we have teams of professionals who are able to devise inspiring ideas and then bring them to life. 

In this blog series, we'll share our expertise and explore some ways you can be inspired to take action with some design ideas that will inject new life into your business. This series will cover the following topics:

Instagram inspiration

It’s hard to walk into a restaurant and not see someone taking a photo of their food or deciding on a filter to apply to a food photo they just took. In fact, if someone isn’t taking a picture and posting it on Instagram, you might feel a little insulted. But with so many people posting perfectly presented food pics online, do diners have unrealistic expectations about how food should look? How can the “foodstagramming” phenomenon help your business?

Getting the industrial look

It seems like every new restaurant in town looks like a slightly modified factory — unfinished bricks, exposed ducts and pipes, and bare lightbulbs galore. We’ll take a look at this trend and discuss whether it might last or if it will be an embarrassing style people will laugh at in the future like they laugh at bell bottoms today. Is this a look you should invest in?

Restaurant concepts of celebrities

Can you just put a celebrity’s name above the door and expect people to start lining up? How successful are celebrity restaurants? Some of us remember the fiasco that was Planet Hollywood and the shaky ending of Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill, but what about the successes? What design inspiration can you takeaway from celebrity restaurants like Wolfgang Puck an Giuliana Rancic’s restaurants?

A look at restaurants on the Las Vegas strip

Las Vegas is the city where anything can happen. This is a city of ingenuity and risk, and restaurants on the Las Vegas strip are constantly reinventing themselves. We’ll look at the current trends on the strip, from food to restaurant design and concepts. How can you garner inspiration from these harbingers of taste and design?

Whether you need to shake things up in your restaurant or you want to know about the different trends in the industry, these blogs will give you the insights you need to maintain a dynamic dining area that will keep your customers intrigued and returning for seconds.

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