Vollrath's Mirage® Induction Rethermalizer

Chef Rich explains the features of Vollrath's Mirage® Induction Rethermalizer. Induction allows you to heat products without any water, while providing faster retherm times and better control.

The Mirage® Induction Rethermalizer is a recipient of a 2013 Kitchen Innovations award, produced by the National Restaurant Association to honor cutting-edge advancements in kitchen equipment for the foodservice industry.


Vollrath's Mirage® Induction Rethermalizer Key Product Features

  • Requires no water. 3-D coils surround the inset and act like steam, but require no water.
  • Immediate start-up. With no water to preheat, users can put heated soup or food in and just turn the unit on. Induction directly heats the inset immediately. http://www.trimarkusa.com/manufacturers/vollrath/content/experience-ingenuity/induction-warmers-and-rethermalizers(Note: Must use Vollrath Induction ready inset).
  • Minimize burned foods and food waste, and have better food taste and quality. Three thermistor temperature sensing and temperature settings in 1 degree increments provide accurate temperature control.
  • Induction heating means faster retherm times. Retherm in 50-60 minutes versus 1.5 hours for most units.
  • Hold most popular food items with presets for Soup, Crème Soup, Chili, and Mac & Cheese.
  • Prevent tampering of food temperatures with the Locking feature. Simply hold down "function" and down arrow buttons to lock temperature in place.
  • Stir Indicator flashes to remind users to stir product based on temperature differences on the inset.
  • Bright display makes this product easy to use and easy to see.
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