Hoshizaki America just released the newest model in the large square cube ice machine series. The IM-200BAA is an undercounter unit that is perfect for premium restaurants, bars and clubs. It has the capacity to create up to 200 lbs. of individual clear cubes daily and contains a 75 lb. capacity built-in storage bin.

IM-200BAA, Ice Maker with Built in Storage Bin from Hoshizaki

Hoshizaki Undercounter Ice Machine
  • Up to 200 lbs of ice produced per 24 hours
  • Up to 75 lbs of built-in storage capacity
  • Air-cooled, Self Contained, Built in Storage Bin
  • Produces individual square cubes
  • Durable stainless steel exterior
  • ENERGY STAR Qualified
  • Dimensions: 39-1/2″ W x 23-5/8″ D x 33- 1/2 ” H
  • Cube dimensions: Approx. 1.25" W x 1" D x 1" H

Perfect Ice

With the comeback of classic cocktails, bartenders need to be provided with the perfect ice. A recent article in Nation's Restaurant News focused on the comeback of pre-Prohibition cocktail recipes and their requirement for the RIGHT ICE to yield the best result. The article also highlights the Hoshizaki IM-200BAA as the perfect ice maker for the job.

Ice: The #1 Most Overlooked Main Ingredient in Drink Making

See the Hoshizaki IM-200BAA Undercounter Large Square Cuber in action when preparing some classic cocktails.