Hoshizaki Now Has 7 Types of Ice with the NEW Cubelet Ice Kit

Something new has arrived, the soft cubelet ice kit; bigger doesn’t always mean better. Using the right ice is key to beverage success, and Hoshizaki has mastered creating different types of ice for any operation, discover the ice that will complement your beverages for years to come.


Refresher on Types of Hoshizaki Ice


KM Edge Crescent Cube

  • Long lasting cooling with superior displacement
  • Suited for any business, restaurants, schools, institutions, hotels and concessions


  • Good for quick cooling and maintaining freshness
  • Used in supermarkets and hospitals


  • Soft chewable ice offers cool crunch and flavor emersion
  • Perfect for restaurants, hospitals and convenience stores

New! Soft Cubelet Ice Kit

  • Smaller, Softer Nugget Style Ice, chewable for ice enthusiasts, offers a cool crunch and flavor retention
  • Great for restaurants, hospitals, seafood freshness and convenience stores.
  • From bin only, not dispensed


  • Unique Design and appeal
  • Perfect for inside or outdoors at bars, suites and smaller venues

One Inch Square Cube

  • A Mixologist favorite, quickly cools down drinks
  • Density and size make it easy to maintain the integrity of any drink


  • Perfect spheres with unmatched chilling ability to cool cocktails without diluting them
  • Striking in any beverage presentation, great to upscale cocktails and spirits
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