Hoshizaki 2by2 Square Ice Cube Undercounter Machine

Just What Bartenders Have Been Longing For

The 2by2 Square Cube Undercounter Ice Machine improves cocktail preparation and maximizes equipment efficiencies. This new addition to the Hoshizaki Specialty Ice line-up is just what bartenders have been longing for. The 2by2 cube provides superior chilling ability, increasing flavor and presentation of specialty cocktails or straight spirits like bourbon or scotch.
Now bar owners, restaurants, and hotels can have dramatic 1.9” x 1.9” x 2.3” square ice for amazing cocktail presentations with minimal dilution. Understanding the demand for craft cocktail design at a reasonable cost, Hoshizaki’s Specialty Ice line-up eliminates expensive vendor-made ice and far outshines house-made cubes frozen in molds. Perfect for both preparation and presentation, the 2by2 cube, 1” square cube, and sphere ice create stunning cocktails with ice as the perfect garnish.
It fits neatly under a bar taking up less than 20 inches wide of all-important underbar space. Having a 2by2 Cube Ice Machine gives your operation: 
Up to 50 pounds (189 cubes) of ice production per 24 hours
Built-In storage bin with 22-pound capacity
Durable stainless-steel exterior with easy-to-remove and clean air filter