The versatile qualities of Hoshizaki’s cube ice make it the preferred choice among a wide variety of operators. It also delivers consistent beverage temperature and quality their customers expect.

Discover the Features and Benefits of Hoshizaki's Cuber Series Ice Machine

Two-Sided Stainless Steel Evaporator

Ice Machines - Hoshizaki Cuber

Hoshizaki's unique two-sided stainless steel evaporator has a smooth, durable surface to make twice as much ice per day. The individual ice cubes are consistent in cube size with no adjustments and no clusters to break up.

The built-in pre-chilling along with the water tank, one batch of water per one batch of ice, optimizes efficiency.


Ice Machines - Hoshizaki Cuber

Hoshizaki Cubers will produce more ice, using less energy and cycling half as many times as the competition. The CycleSaver™ design means longer life, less maintenance, and increased customer profits. It will take a Hoshizaki Ice Machine 15 years to accumulate as many cycles as the competition does in 6 years.

Fully Compartmentalized Design

Ice Machines - Hoshizaki Cuber

The compartmentalization of Hoshizaki Cubers greatly improves reliability and sanitation. The cold and wet areas are insulated and separated from electrical and heat producing components, increasing efficiency and reducing maintenance and service cost.

Simple Controls

Ice Machines - Cuber Series The state of the art design of Hoshizaki Ice Machines have improved serviceability by eliminating the problem areas such as complicated electronic controls, plated surface evaporators, extrusions, and critical adjustments, our machines are considerably easier to diagnose. With easy access - the majority of all service and maintenance can be accomplished from the front of the unit. The controls are located in a dry environment, greatly improving electrical component reliability.

Hoshizaki Cubers feature the EverCheck™ Control Board, with audible alarm and diagnostic features; designed to assist service technicians in diagnosing problems.

More Information

For more information on the Hoshizaki Cuber Series Ice Machines, fill out the form to get in touch with a TriMark representative. You can also download the brochure for more details about the features and benefits of the Cuber Series.