Hobart Advansys™ LXGe Commercial Glasswasher

Introducing the New Advansys™ LXGe Commercial Glasswasher from Hobart

Hobart Glasswasher

Craft beers. Handcrafted cocktails. Boutique wines. Your customers expect more from their beverages. That’s where the new, energy-efficient Hobart  Advansys LXGe glasswasher comes in. It eliminates chemical residue, stains and unwelcome steam. Its easy, one-button operation and “Soft Start” feature protects glassware from chips and breaks.

Better Drinks = Better Business. The Hobart Glasswasher

Hobart Glasswasher
  • Eliminate chemical residue
  • “Soft Start” feature protects glassware from chips and breaks
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified
  • Compact design; two available heights
  • Available high and low temperature models
LXGeR High Temperature Glasswasher
  • High-temperature washing and rinsing from a cold-water supply
  • Eliminates the need for chemical sanitizers
  • Energy Recovery system greatly reduces steam
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified with .62 gallons of water per rack

LXGePR Low Temperature Glasswasher

  • PuriRinse system uses potable water to rinse off sanitizers
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified with 1.14 gallons of water per rack                             

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