Groen Intek Boilerless Steamer XSG-5

Item Number: XSG-5

Groen Intek Boilerless Steamer XSG-5

The Groen Intek Connectionless, Boilerless Steamer, is available in multiple KW to fit nearly any condition. Used primarily as a batch or production steamer, this high performance commercial kitchen steamer can even handle a la carte venues in the higher KW and gas units. These units also maximize water conservation using less than two gallons per hour.

  • Highest production rating of any steamer on the market—175 pounds per hour.
  • High performance heating technology cooks fast and efficiently—48 pounds of frozen vegetables in only 17 minutes.
  • Internal convection fan provides even energy distribution throughout cooking cavity, so all product cooks at the same time—no hot and cold spots.
  • Highest energy efficiency rating of any steamer—uses 67% less energy than conventional steamers.
  • Is ENERGY STAR® rated for batch and re-therm uses.
  • Is available in electric and gas units, and is LEED compliant.
  • Electric units are offered in various KW models.
  • Electric units double as NSF holding cabinets to store pre-cooked product.
  • Is offered in four (4) pan and six (6) pan electric units with double stack capability, for 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12 pan capacities to meet user demand in a single footprint.
  • Lowest water consumption of any commercial steamer available—fewer than 1.5 gallons of water per hour.
  • Reduces monthly water and sewer expenses.
  • Automatic water-fill available on both six (6) pan electric and (5) pan gas models for additional convenience when water line is available.
  • Easy cleanup. Chamber simply wipes clean at the end of the day with a vinegar water solution saving money on costly chemical cleaners.
  • No boiler or conventional generator. Requires no traditional de-liming, boiler maintenance, and no harsh chemicals, saving time, money and the environment.
  • Solid-state controls minimize warranty costs. No computer boards in close proximity to water. Electric units have no pumps, no floats or probes to fail or get damaged in cleaning.
  • No water line or drain connections required.
  • No solenoid valves to go bad or plug up.

The Groen Intek Connectionless Steamer has the best possible combination of cooking speed (productivity), efficiency and reliability of any commercial kitchen steamer on the market today.