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Recipes for Groen Steamers

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Recipes for Groen Braising Pans

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Recipes for Groen Kettles

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Kettles have the power for rapid browning of ingredients and reduction of bases and the precise temperature control and even heating for slow simmering of:

• Soups • Stews • Barbecue sauce • Taco meat • Creamy chowders • Gumbos • Sauces & toppings • Chinese dishes • Chili • Pasta sauces • Ground meat dishes • Cooked cereals

Groen Kettles bring water to a boil faster, so nothing is better for boiling:
• Vegetables • Potatoes • White fish • Eggs • All types of pasta • Beans/Legumes • Poultry • Fruit • Rice & rice based dishes • Shellfish • Brisket/stew meat, etc • Bagels

Groen kettles provide gentle, uniform heating and are ideal for heat sensitive products:
• Cream sauces • Glazes • Puddings • Dessert icings • Roux • Cream fillings • Chocolate • Cheese sauces
• Fruit syrups • Fruit fillings • Fudge • Pie fillings

Groen Steam Jacketed Kettles are also ideally suited for:
• Reheating prepared foods, both refrigerated and frozen, either in the pouch or out
• Finishing cooking from frozen concentrates, with water or milk added
• Holding for extended periods and serving hot from the kettle
• Display cooking of “made to order”

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