Groen Steam Jacketed Kettles

For restaurants, supermarkets, schools, healthcare facilities, hotels and resorts, there is a Groen heavy-duty steam kettle to meet your needs. All offer faster cooking. No hot-spots. No constant stirring. And no large stock pots to wrestle on and off a range top.

Common Groen Steam Kettles and Kettle Features:

Groen Steam Jacketed Kettles

          Floor Kettle Model Features:

  • 2/3 Jacketed Interiors.
  • 30 to 50 PSI operating pressure ratings for fast heat up and cooking times.
  • Energy-saving electronic ignition on gas models.
  • 316 Stainless Steel interiors to protect against high acid foods.

             Stationary Model Features:

  • Large 2” product draw-off valves standard.
  • Air-insulated exterior covering with a sanitary brushed stainless steel finish.

Groen Steam Jacketed Kettles
          Tilting Model Features:
  • Hand-polished steel exteriors for easy cleaning.
  • Quick-action, manual hand crank tilt control.
  • Reinforced bar rim with flow control pouring lip
  • Large 2” product Draw-off valves optionally available

Why Groen Steam Jacketed Kettles?


Groen Kettles Are More Efficient

Kettles transfer more of their energy into the food product. Range burners only heat the bottom of the stock pot and are very inefficient. Groen gas heated kettles are 58-65% efficient and electric models are even more efficient. Faster cook times mean less energy used and lower utility bills. Direct steam kettles can operate from an existing steam source for even greater energy savings.

Groen Kettles Save Labor

A single chef or cook can prepare large batches of your signature soups and other popular menu specialties in a steam jacketed kettle. With their even heating and precise temperature control, there is less need for constant “pot watching” and frequent stirring. Groen’s tilt design makes product transfer and portioning fast and easy. With larger single batch capabilities, you can reduce repetitive work by eliminating multiple stock pots.

Groen Kettles are Easier to Clean

Is your staff cooking meat for pasta sauce, simmering that sauce in a stock pot and boiling water for pasta in another pot? A Groen kettle can braise that meat, simmer a great sauce or boil three kinds of pasta with fewer pans. And less burn-on means less pot scrubbing. In addition, spilled liquids are more easily released from the high polish surface making clean-up less time consuming for the Operator.

The Amazing Thermal Efficiency of Steam

Steam carries approximately six times the energy of boiling water and gives up that energy upon contact with a colder surface. This simple fact makes steam an ideal heat transfer medium, and steam jacketed kettles the ideal way to cook, reheat and hold a wide variety of menu items.

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