Groen FAQs


What type of steamer do I need to cook certain foods? Intek, SmartSteam or HyperSteam?
Here is an easy way to decide on a Groen Steamer based on the food you will produce.

  • Intek Energy Star connectionless models are the right fit for batch items like starches and vegetables.
  • SmartSteam boilerless models provide excellent production in fast-paced a la carte production. They are also easy to clean and operate.
  • HyPerSteam models are work horses with maximum production and specifically well-suited for production of seafood items.
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How do I determine what size steamer I should choose?
The easiest way to select the proper size steamer is to determine how many people you are feeding, and what you would like to cook. Most chefs and end-users prefer to use 2 ½ inch hotel pans in a steamer. You can prepare 28 to 32 servings of vegetables and starches per pan, and 9 to 12 servings of portioned items, such as fish, per pan.
Do you have 440v units available?
Yes, that is the international voltage for shipboard units, and is an option.
The local inspector tells us that we must “temper” the water before it is drained from a Steamer. What is tempering and how can I solve this problem?
“Connected” steamers drain condensate from the steamer cavity during operation. Tempering means to cool down the drain water before it goes down the drain. If the drain water is too hot, it will harm the “good” bacteria in the drain. Groen steamers come with automatic tempering as part of the steamer. Occasionally a local inspector will require additional tempering, so Groen has water tempering kits available for purchase and they work great with our steamers to fit most requirements. The kit #162408 requires a ½” water line, no electrical, and will work on all our steamers and combi ovens with drain lines.
Can I get a cord and plug with my steamer?
The cord and plug comes standard on Groen’s Intek steamers as they are designed to be ready to go out of the box. Intek steamers do not require water or drain lines so, the steamer is ready to plug in and go to work. Groen’s SmartSteam and HyperSteam Models require water and drain line hookup. Since the sites these are installed in are each unique the cord and plug is provided by the specific installer or dealer based on specific site requirements.
Are there stacking kits for the Intek steamers?
A: None required, the stand is universal and will accommodate single or double stacked configurations of either gas or electric units. However, if you are stacking gas units, one flu diverter kit is required part #NT1611.
Why are there so many KW options on the Intek steamers and which voltage should I choose?
Intek steamers are available in an 8 KW in single (1) phase unit and 8,12 &14 KW three (3) phase unit options. This variety can accommodate as most existing power and voltage requirements. The highest KW unit should always be chosen based on existing power supply, as it will have the shortest recovery time when in operation.
Why would I choose a SmartSteam vs an Intek Steamer which is also boilerless?
The SmartSteam is designed with auto water fill and drain, taking far less manual intervention than that of an Intek unit, which needs to be manually filled and drained. It also features a standard steam lid to redirect condensate and food waste down the drain in operation, handling proteins and shell fish items more readily than a connectionless steamer. And don’t forget the Groen PureSteam water filtration when you order. Just add Product # 149100 to each order for a new SmartSteam Steamer
Is there a stacking kit for the SmartSteam?
Yes, there is. The kit can be added as an option at time of order or it can be added at a later date. To order kits for units currently in the field, contact our parts department with the existing unit’s serial number to insure the proper kit # is provided.
The Groen HyPerSteam features a heat shield - what is a heat shield?
A heat shield is a stainless steel panel that has 2” spacers between the steamer side and the panel to deflect heat or grease-laden air that may be produced by an adjacent unit, such as a fryer or range. These panels protect the mechanicals from overheating or becoming covered or inhibited by grease.
How many water connections does a double stack HyPerSteam have?
The HyPerSteam has two incoming water connections. One inlet is for unfiltered water and one inlet is for filtered water. Both of these supply lines have a factory pre-installed manifold for convenience connection to both cavities. To ensure a long happy steamer life, remember to order Groen Water filtration with every steamer order! Groen water filtration kit for the HyperSteam steamers is #153119.
Why The Braising Pan is called the Chef’s Best Friend.
The braising pan is the most versatile piece of equipment in the kitchen. Also known as the “tilt skillet,” this powerhouse can be a braiser for meats, a griddle for pancakes, a flat grill for burgers and searing meats, a “kettle” for stews, gravies and stocks and even a shallow fryer for fish and chicken. It is quite versatile! Even though many competitive models share the same classification, the Eclipse Brasing Pan is considered “Best in Class” by operators in a national survey and really has no rival. The features and benefits of the Eclipse Braising Pan set it apart.
Eclipse braising pans feature 3” rounded corners for easy stirring, unique burner placement and a clad plate provide even distribution of heat across the pan, torsion bar supports ensure the lid stays in place, and open-leg construction makes kitchen cleanup easy.
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Do gas braising pans have a gas regulator provided?
Yes, but this is a safety device that must be installed on all commercial equipment to meet code, and should not be mistaken for a step-down gas regulator that adjusts incoming gas pressure from a supply line. These are usually provided by the utility company or gas-certified plumber.
What is a drain drawer used for?
Drain drawers are available on all braising pans, excluding the 15 gallon unit. It is used when there isn’t a floor trough located at the front of the unit within the typical pour pattern, and it can be retrofitted to existing units. The drawer accommodates the dumping of wash water from the unit and diverts it via hose to an available floor drain.
What are the advantages of using a Groen steam jacketed kettle vs. a stock pot on a range?
Groen steam jacketed kettles provide a cooking environment that is fast, effective and safe. The kettle heating surface is up to 50% greater than that of a stock pot, which means heat-up time is twice as fast. Groen steam kettles, unlike others, have consistent temperature cycles, eliminating boil-overs and scorching. Working with a Groen kettle is safe for the chef/end-user. Full stock pots can weigh up to 90 lbs. once the soup, stock or gravy is finished. The cook must manually move the heavy pot - this is where work place injuries, such as back strain and burns, usually happen. With a Groen steam kettle, the product is simply poured out of the kettle into a serving or storage container.
Can Groen kettles come in different jacket pressure ratings?
Yes and no, self-contained gas and electric kettles that produce their own pressure are limited to the certified pressures as advertised in the price list and applicable spec sheets. Direct Groen steam kettles, however can be manufactured at alternate pressures, with ratings as high as 100 psi depending on their application or specification.
What advantage does a stationary Groen kettle have over a tilting Groen kettle?
Footprint and capacity are the two main reasons people use stationary Groen steam jacketed kettles. Since they don’t have the tilting mechanism, stationary kettles are smaller overall left to right, and can fit in tighter locations while providing a larger capacity than a tilting kettle of the same dimensions. Also, stationary Groen steam kettles can be made in extended volumes like 150 gallons or more if required.