Avtec EID/EWD Utility Distribution System

Item Number: EID/EWD

Avtec EID/EWD Utility Distribution System

The E-Series utility distribution system (UDS) is designed to allow the ability to bring power and utilities to the cooking battery in any combination or load. High electrical and steam capabilities allow for any equipment loads.

  • Can be serviced from the floor ceiling or wall
  • Available for any voltage or phase of power, including 480 volt
  • Circuit breakers for individual pieces mounted beneath unit, on dormer face, or tower
  • Flexible design allows adding or changing equipment
  • Up to 4" steam line capability for sites using steam to cook
  • Easy location for mounting hood controls

The Avtec E-Series Utility Distribution System (UDS) allows any amperage or voltage power to be brought to the cooking battery, including up to 1000 amps of electric, 2-inch gas lines, 4-inch steam lines with returns, as well as water, compressed air or any other utilities required.  UL Listed for 480 volt power as well.  UDS can be specified complete with matching cord sets, gas, water and steam connectors as well as fire fuel shutoff and water filter systems.