Avtec MOD Utility Distribution System

Item Number: MOD

Avtec MOD Utility Distribution System

The MOD utility distribution system (UDS) is designed to allow power and utilities to be brought to equipment located in the middle of a room without the need to penetrate the floor.  Overhead UDS service for work tables and carts can be provided in any voltage or phase.

  • Eliminates the need for stub-ups from the floor
  • Available for any voltage or phase of power in the 120/208 grid
  • Circuit breakers for individual pieces
  • Flexible design allows adding or changing equipment

The Avtec Modular Overhead Utility Distribution System (UDS) allows any amperage or voltage power to be brought to work tables, carts or other equipment located away from the walls of a room without the need for core-drilling the floor. Extension cords can be added to extend outlets, and connection plates can be easily moved or changed out to accommodate changing equipment requirements.