Avtec CBSW Dish Return Conveyor

Item Number: CBSW

Avtec CBSW Dish Return Conveyor

The Avtec slat-belt dish return conveyor design allows for moving trays, dish racks, or stacks of dishes onto or within the dish room. Designs can be configured to meet space and operational requirements regardless of dish machine type.

  • Complete stainless steel construction
  • Easily removable and cleanable carriers
  • Carriers and supports all fit in dish machines
  • Can be easily designed to work with any dish room design
  • Can be adapted easily to "tray-less" operation
  • Flexible design accommodates columns and unusual design criteria

The Avtec slat-belt dish return conveyor is the perfect answer for moving soiled dishware, either into the dish room or within the dish room.  Avtec's slat belt design is the answer, whether moving soiled trays from the dining room into the dish room, or moving stacks or racks of dishes within the dish room.  Any type configuration or dish machine design can be accommodated, and the indexing option allows for maximization of the accumulating surface of the dish return conveyor.