Avtec CFBS Tray Assembly Conveyor

Item Number: CFBS

Avtec CFBS Tray Assembly Conveyor

The Avtec fabric belt slim line design allows for banquet plating directly on the belt with easy cleaning. The slim design allows for an 8" profile without a drive housing.

  • Complete stainless construction
  • Easily cleaned ABS impregnated belt material
  • Slim 8" profile for equipment under or placement on a table
  • "Drum drive" allows for deletion of drive housing and drive chains.
  • Available with Modular Distribution System for support equipment

The Avtec fabric belt Slim Line tray conveyor is the perfect answer for banquet plate assembly where it is desirable to place food onto the plate while directly on the conveyor. It is easily cleaned, and can accommodate support equipment required for food due to the elimination of the drive housing.