Avtec Bus Trac Tray Return Conveyor System

Item Number: BT

Avtec Bus Trac Tray Return Conveyor System

The Bus Trac soiled tray accumulator is designed to allow maximum soiled tray accumulation and form the buffer between trays being dropped off from the dining room or busing, and the scrappers and dish room personnel, allowing fewer dish room people to accomplish the needs of larger facilities.

  • Complete stainless construction
  • Self-cleaning return track
  • Beveled roller design allows for longer units and easy cleaning
  • Can be easily designed to work with any dish room design
  • Can be adapted easily to "tray-less" operation
  • Drive collet, in lieu of keyway, for easy installation and less broken slats

The Avtec Bus Trac soiled tray vertical accumulator is the perfect answer for allowing maximum accumulation of soiled dishware in the minimum amount of space, allowing the dish room staff to keep pace with the dishware being dropped off from the dining area. The perfect buffer to allow for slower periods and handle high volume periods as well. The easily removable carriers can be run through flight-type or rack-type machines for easy cleaning.