Avtec Eco Arch EA-2000 Ventilation Hood

Item Number: EA-2000

Avtec Eco Arch EA-2000 Ventilation Hood

The Eco Arch low-volume stainless steel ventilation hood is designed to exhaust cooking equipment at a lower than conventional air volume, without additional mechanical means, saving energy by minimizing wasted air tempering and minimizing required tempering loads.

  • Low Exhaust volumes
  • Front-mounted filter cartridges for easier cleaning
  • Quieter operation
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Available with Ultra-Violet grease treatment option

The Avtec Eco Arch energy-saving commercial range hood is a unique design that utilizes natural physics to exhaust cooking batteries with the minimum amount of air needed.  Our patented combination of the aesthetically pleasing arch and the front-mounted high-velocity extraction modules allows energy savings by minimizing the amount of tempered air taken from the space, as well as allowing for the designing of the air transfers in the building with minimal waste. The perfect commercial vent hood for the new designs which bring the kitchen to the customer, the clean look of the stainless arch fits in with architectural designs.  The addition of the UV grease treatment option allows for the maximum grease removal at the best value in the industry.