The Vector® Multi-Cook Oven by Alto-Shaam

Replace or relieve multiple pieces of equipment. Vector ovens can do the job of several others including traditional convection, microwave, speed and conveyor ovens, as well as grills and salamanders for better food quality.

Control the temperature, fan speed and cook time in the individual chambers, allowing you to cook up to four different foods with zero flavor transfer.

Air Structure Technology in Multi-Cook Ovens
Countertop H Series
  • Space saving with a small footprint
  • Ventless design removes the need for an exhaust hood
  • 2, 3 or 4 chambers with half-size or full-size pan capacity
Free-Standing F Series
  • 3 or 4 chambers - more capacity means you can significantly increase production
  • Perfectly suited for higher volume kitchens
  • One F series model can replace two traditional ovens
  • Combine chambers to prepare taller food items while still receiving the benefit of Structured Air Technology®
  • Cook food items by time or optional probe
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