Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold Oven

Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold Oven

Produce High Quality Food at Larger Quantities

Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold Ovens feature exclusive Halo Heat® technology to produce higher food quality and unrivaled yields. Smooth, radiant Halo Heat envelopes food without the use of extremely hot elements, added humidity or noisy fans. Discover built-in savings with a ventless, waterless and energy-efficient design. Further increase savings and productivity with labor-free, overnight cooking and holding.

  • Roast, proof, braise, reheat, sous-vide, hold and more in the same oven
  • Minimize food costs with 15-20% less protein shrinkage compared to conventional cooking methods
  • Serve more portions from the same cut of meat to increase your profit margin
  • Naturally tenderize less expensive, underutilized cuts of meat to produce a higher quality product
  • Put product on display with a glass door option and in-door, adjustable LED lighting
  • Place ovens anywhere with no oven hood or outside venting required
  • Minimize operating costs, plumbing, drains and associated maintenance with easy-to-install, waterless and energy efficient equipment
  • Cook and hold by time or temperature probe with simple or deluxe controls
  • Ensure consistency between cooks and reduce training time with programmable recipes

Available in both Single and Double Compartment Oven Variants in a total of ten different options.


TH/I & TH/II models come with standard Classic Controls
TH Models are available in simple or Deluxe Control options

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