Bethel School District

TriMark Gill Group Featured Project: Bethel School District

Making Sure Thousands of School Kids Receive Fresh, Nutritious Meals, Every Day.

When the Bethel school district decided to implement a bold new plan to mass produce nutritious food at a central kitchen, they not only needed the right equipment, but they also needed a management team that could coordinate all the details involved with such a massive project. So they turned to TriMark Gill Group.

Project Highlights

•    Sourced the needed equipment from various manufacturers and coordinated a delivery and storage schedule.
•    Provided the managerial expertise needed to keep the project on schedule and within budget.
•    Coordinated with multiple vendors, technicians, general-contractors, sub-contractors, shipping companies and more to ensure all the equipment was properly delivered and installed.

"It was really satisfying to work on a project knowing it was going to benefit kids. For some kids, the best meal of the day for them was the one coming out of this kitchen." — Spencer Swanson, project manager.
Frederickson, WA

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