Effective October 20, 2016, the city of Cambridge has instituted a ban on Polystyrene plastics. Products affected by this ban can be identified by having a #6 stamp.

Polystyrene Ordinance Business Checklist

To be compliant with this new Polystyrene ordinance, review this checklist:

1. Discontinue use of all #6 plastics

As of October 20, 2016 you should discontinue the use of all #6 plastics like:

  • Styrofoam cup / Rigid Polystyrene cup
  • Styrofoam takeout container/ Rigid polystyrene takeout container
  • Styrofoam bowl/ Rigid polystyrene bowl
  • Styrofoam plate/ Rigid Polystyrene plate
  • Styrofoam trays/ Rigid Polystyrene trays
  • Rigid Polystyrene straws
  • Rigid Polystyrene utensils
  • Rigid polystyrene cup lid (both hot lids and cold lids)
  • Rigid Polystyrene condiment cups

2. Replace you #6 Polystrene products

TriMark United East can assist you in replacing #6 Polystyrene products with disposable goods that are compliant with the new ordinance such as:

  • Reusable Containers
  • Plastic Containers that feature a #1, #2, or #5 code. These products are ideally made out of recycled plastics
  • Paper Containers- Ideally made out of recycled paper.
  • Biodegradable and Earth-Friendly products
  • Aluminum containers

3. Exemptions

(If applicable) certain situations allow for an exemption of #6 product. Exemptions can be applied for at CambridgeMA.Gov/PSOrdinance. An example of situations that is eligible for exemptions are:

  • No reasonable alternatives to #6 plastic or Styrofoam containers
  • Deprives a person of a legally protected right
  • Establishment needs time to draw down existing inventory of polystyrene containers for up to 6 months. Monthly reporting of inventory is mandatory.

4. Your TriMark United East salesperson is ready to assist

TriMark can work with you and help you switch to a product that is stocked every day in our warehouse. Speak to them about switching to the choice that best fits your facility’s needs. Call you TriMark United East representative or fill out the form.