80 Acres Kitchen and Bar

TriMark SS Kemp Featured Project: 80 Acres Kitchen and Bar in Pittsburgh, PA

Rustic Food and Atmosphere Calls for Classic Simple Tabletop Settings at 80 Acres Kitchen and Bar

Featuring an open kitchen and a farm-to-table menu, 80 Acres Kitchen and Bar in Pittsburgh, PA, offers a contemporary American menu with an emphasis on local and seasonal products. The restaurant’s owners reached out to TriMark SS Kemp to create tabletop settings that reflect the simple, honest food and the rustic atmosphere of the restaurant.

Project Highlights

  • Churchill, Libbey and Walco keep the tableware simple and minimalistic
  • Solid dinnerware from the Churchill Super Vit X offers versatility for a wide variety of menu items
  • Hammered, rustic finish of Walco’s Ironstone flatware is complemented by the textured striped napkins
  • Libbey’s Endeavor line allows for stacking, which make storage easy, while Envy is sleek and modern enough for creative cocktails.
The rustic décor of the restaurant called for a simple, classic tabletop presentation. The end result is a presentation that highlights the local, seasonal menu that 80 Acres Kitchen and Bar is known for.