TriMark SS Kemp Calls 1st Annual National Chefs Meeting a Success

TriMark SS Kemp Calls 1st Annual National Chefs Meeting a Success

TouchPoint’s 1st Annual National Chefs Meeting, hosted by TriMark SS Kemp, was a “great success,” said Kathy Mihalko, CFSP, and Director of National Accounts for TriMark SS Kemp.

More than 60 Chefs and senior management from TouchPoint, a division of the Compass Group, joined with vendor representatives to participate in cutting-edge workshops that focused on healthy cooking, sous vide cooking, patient and resident satisfaction, as well as food presentation and food safety.

Anne Ladd, CFSP, Director of Merchandising for TriMark SS Kemp, worked closely with the TouchPoint retail marketing team and smallwares vendors to help bring their visions to life and showcase new ideas for the Chefs to use.

“The event brought together a great group of people that we are proud to call our partners. We believe it was one the best events we’ve had at the TriMark SS Kemp Test Kitchen and Training facility. The national accounts team put a lot of time and effort into planning this event, and we really enjoyed it,” she said.

"The Chefs said that the event was inspirational and left rejuvenated and excited to share what they learned with their colleagues," she added.“The  meeting wouldn’t have been as successful without the dedication and effort of our national accounts team and the rest of TriMark SS Kemp staff,” said Mihalko.

The meeting was held on June 10, 11 and 12, 2014 at TriMark SS Kemp in Cleveland, OH.

Pictured here: Tricia Lindbloom Farinacci, CFSP, Sales Manager of National Accounts for TriMark SS Kemp, shows off her Barista skills with The Compass Group’s Executive Chef, Lionel Taylor.