Westmoreland Country Club

TriMark Marlinn Featured Project Portfolio: Westmoreland Country Club

TriMark Marlinn Brings Westmoreland Country Club Its Dream Kitchen

For Westmoreland Country Club, TriMark Marlinn designed a kitchen that was both customized and creative. This design made it easy for the Chef and cooks to prepare and execute a high-quality menu in an efficient, effective fashion. On the Chef’s line, special pieces were built in and custom modified at strategic locations. This way, the Chef could see through to get a clear view of his cooks. Counters and backsplashes were modified and tweaked; stainless steel was welded, polished and trimmed; shelves were added to store specific supplies and ingredients; and clever concepts like a tasting spoon holder were added so the Chef could taste the food before it went out.

Project Highlights

  • Project management, on-site visits
  • Custom fabrication, installation and smallwares
  • Randell custom Chef's line
“This project is a result of listening closely to the customer, analyzing their needs and putting together a foodservice solution that exceeds their expectations,” said Nate Hartung, General Manager, Contract Department of TriMark Marlinn.