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Key Points to Make Your Restaurant ADA Compliant

Last year, millions of Americans celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This ground-breaking piece of legislation, which set out to “establish a clear and comprehensive prohibition of discrimination

New Legislation Requires Air Curtains

The City of New York will soon join other legislative bodies who require air curtains. Reminiscent of California’s legislation, nearly two decades old, that requires an air curtain at the receiving door.

How To Get Your Flatware Sparkling

Some things were just meant to sparkle and shine — diamonds, gold, BMWs and of course flatware. Whether it’s plated silver or chrome, the flatware in your restaurant should sparkle when placed before a guest.Understanding that most operations have neither ...

Monitoring and Controlling the Temperature of Your Refrigeration System

It goes without saying that maintaining the proper temperature in your operation's refrigerator is of enormous importance. Not too long ago, the best you could rely on when it came to refrigerator temperature control was a mercury-filled stick you would o ...

Designing for Refrigeration in the Cooking Area

How well a restaurant refrigerator functions and maintains a cool temperature is due in large part to its physical design. Drawers, the kind that pull out from under the counter, are one type of energy and space-efficient refrigerator design. Airflow Fir ...

What's New with the Top Refrigerator Manufacturers?

Of all the great inventors and inventions we learn about in school, such as Johannes Guttenberg’s printing press, Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone and Thomas Edison’s light bulb, it doesn’t seem like we’re ever told very muc ...

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

Most restaurant managers want to be sure their employees know and understand all the safety precautions and cleanliness procedures required by the restaurant's own standards and the state's guidelines. And it’s safe to say that most restaurant managers d ...

Ice Machines and Other Kitchen Areas with the Highest Safety Risks

It’s the nature of the food industry that things get dirty. There is simply no way to cut bacteria and germs out of the equation — after all, what’s food for humans is also food for germs. In essence, the task to keep a restaurant clean and free of germs ...

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