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Insights to Staffing and Service Essentials

While food quality is one of the main aspects of a successful restaurant, impeccable customer service is equally crucial. These qualities are the difference between repeat business and lost loyalty.

Stay Relevant. Be Creative. Market Smart.

With today’s creative minds and innovative technologies there are endless ways to promote your restaurant. Some of the most popular being social media and online ads.

Fishing for Trending Menu Items

Americans have developed a taste for unique, ocean-inspired meals that break away from the typical fish sticks and fillets. The expansion of public appetites and more readily available seafood options has encouraged chefs to get creative and bring more excitement to the table.

Intriguing Ethnic Dining Experiences on the Rise

As dining out heightens in popularity so does the search for unique ethnic offerings and experiences. Consumers are beginning to steer away from common Chinese, Thai and Mexican dishes and are on the hunt for the next great cultural cuisine.

Global Flavors - Inspiring Food Trends

Certain foods in our cultural norm have managed to promote themselves from peasant to pricey. Lobster, caviar, and polenta were all once considered low grade options - now prized and sought-after ingredients.

Embracing the Health-Conscious Customer

Not so long ago eating nutritiously wasn’t a widespread movement, but today it is exactly what diners are searching for. We’ve put together a list of nourishing food trends to boost your menu appeal.

Dining Raves, Craves and Can’t Pass Ups

Deciding menu selection each year can be tricky, especially when attempting to predict foods that will be trending. Sometimes a specific cultural cuisine becomes all the rage, and other times it’s a spice that takes the public by storm. Still, patrons may suddenly crave something that’s wholly unexpected.

Insights on the Newest Dining Technologies

As the world continues to advance operations through technology to optimize the customer experience, foodservice establishments are following suit.

Connect with your Community

Restaurants who continually engage with their community can better position themselves as a top-of-mind establishment amongst local consumers.

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