4 Strategies to Grow Mother’s Day Reservations

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You will want to ensure seats are full this Mother’s Day, which is one of the industry’s busiest dining holidays. We’ve compiled 4 marketing strategies to guarantee your restaurant will be busy with happy customers.

Put it in Print

In today’s digital age, many often forget about the direct mail approach to advertising their upcoming events. Less mental effort is required to process physical mail, making tangible materials more memorable and impactful.

To help grow local interest, design a simple but eye-catching mailer to send to residents within a set mile radius. Stick to the theme of the festivities and craft a clear and concise message.

The Power of Partnership

Take advantage of partnering with a local business or shop. Work with local retailers to spread the news of your event through coupons or promotion awareness cards that can be given out to their patrons. This method will put your company’s name in the forefront of their minds without being overly assertive, as well as providing an incentive for them to stop by your location to get more details.

Market Within

Diners today can be return clientele tomorrow. Generate a print out that can be placed inside every menu or displayed on tables, these will provide your guests with information on the specials you have planned. Reservation reminder cards placed in check presenter books is a great way to strike a chord with customers when they consider a place to celebrate Mom’s exclusive day.

Go Social

Social media is an excellent avenue to pursue to keep your online community knowledgeable on all new happenings and bring in more foot traffic.

Creating an event page on Facebook allows you to list your menu items making them searchable and shareable. Pin the listing to the top of your business page for easy viewing and be sure to post about the event regularly to remind viewers of how to book.

Use compelling images on Instagram of the meals that will be served or short videos of the space to draw viewers in. Within the caption it’s important to explain the offerings of the day, dates and steps to make a reservation. Remind your followers and continue the anticipation with regular and consistent uploads. Since images cannot contain hyperlinks, place a short format link in your main profile for easy access.

Every marketing method is an additional way to reach as many consumer prospects as possible. Try out different channels but maintain a familiar design to make it simple for a potential visitor to know your business, even at a glance.

Keep your community updated with the latest news, schedule changes, entertainment, and remaining available reservations. Your customers will think of you year after year when treating Mom to a memorable day.

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