Leave a Lasting Impression on Mother’s Day

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For most restaurants, Mother’s Day is the busiest day of year. Spending time with loved ones and dining out are treats that surpass most every other gift for Moms. Unlike other holidays where a certain meal is more prominent over another, Mother’s Day is an all-day event with minimal downtime. Therefore, it’s important to be fully equipped and organized to meet the high demand.

These are some tips to help you be ready, stand out and leave a lasting impression.

Early Food Preparation

The day typically starts early and ends hours after sundown. Consider offering items that can be prepared overnight in a Cook & Hold Oven by Alto-Shaam such as a roasted chicken or prime rib. These foods cook to perfection with zero compromise to quality. Additionally, it’s a good idea to add desirable options to your menu that can be arranged in advance, for instance soups, bruschetta and charcuterie boards.

Prix Fixe Menu

This is popular on Mother’s Day as it simplifies the process with the use of fewer ingredients. However, modified selections do not have to be boring; get creative and pair meals with Mom’s favorite glass of wine or dessert. To efficiently cook at a fast pace, use an Alto-Shaam Vector Multi-Cook Oven; it allows chefs to make a variety of items that have different times or temperatures, simultaneously with one piece of equipment. Baked French toast, fried eggs, fresh veggies and even chocolate chip cookies can all be made at once.

Take-Out & Delivery

Although it’s a treat to go out to dinner, some prefer to enjoy food in the comfort of their home. Stock up on to-go containers and utensils and schedule plenty of staff whose primary focus is accommodating these orders and tending to reservations. To peak interest in take-out or delivery, offer a free dessert of choice with every order.

Bottomless or Signature Cocktails

Serve mimosas, bloody marys or sangrias in elegant pitchers or as bottomless glasses. Make the experience extra special and develop a signature cocktail that contains spring fruits and flavors.

Décor & Atmosphere

They say flowers can naturally boost your energy, mood and relieve stress. Incorporate bright, vibrant, pastel flowers on tables as well as outside, on shelves or open spaces around the dining room.

Don’t forget to accommodate children. Live music in your establishment will not only enhance the overall ambiance for adults, but also entertain the little ones. Extra coloring books, crayons and puzzles are always a good idea to have on hand.

Promote & Stand Out

Partnering with one or two local charities or non-profits is a generous way to gain traffic while supporting a great cause. A unique experience is an eye catcher such as hiring a well-known chef to host a cooking class that will give Moms an opportunity to learn a new recipe while spending time with their family.

Once your menu, drinks and décor are established, it’s imperative to promote the day’s specials and perks on your social media pages and website to spread the word!

Mothers are thoughtful, caring, giving and work tirelessly to bring happiness to their families. Be the place that provides them with relaxation, delicious food, vibrant atmosphere, flavorsome drinks and a fun filled day to remember.

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