Today’s Diners Seek Experiences, Not Just Food

Posted by Melanie Trainor

In today’s congested industry, eateries require an element that sets them apart from their competition. The National Restaurant Association predicts that customers are becoming more selective due to an increased knowledge of food, production, sourcing and preparation.

Restaurants are not without their own arsenal. Studies show that today’s diners connect best with establishments that convey a particular personality thorough menu items, decor, service, employee uniforms and other elements.

The younger generation tends to seek out businesses that go beyond their basic function to align with consumer values. For this demographic, eating out is more than satisfying hunger, it is about how the experience makes them feel.

Creating a Personality for your Restaurant
  • Research your target-market to become familiar with their wants and needs>
  • Make every encounter personal and unique
  • Be consistent
  • Identify core influencer groups within your customer base, then engage them via social media
  • Think of your business as a lifestyle that exists even outside of your establishment and find ways to reinforce that concept
  • Listen to feedback, admit mistakes when they occur and show personality in your interactions

Know your strengths and the unique values offered by your restaurant which sets your establishment apart from your competition. Focus on the elements that make each interaction exclusive for your guests. Understanding the foundation of your brand will allow you to easily change and evolve to match consumer demand.

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