Dining Raves, Craves and Can’t Pass Ups

Posted by Melanie Trainor Dining Raves, Craves and Can’t Pass Up

Deciding menu selection each year can be tricky, especially when attempting to predict foods that will be trending. Sometimes a specific cultural cuisine becomes all the rage, and other times it’s a spice that takes the public by storm. Still, patrons may suddenly crave something that’s wholly unexpected.

Five Trends Making Ripples in the Culinary World

African Specialties

Ethiopian and Moroccan dishes are marked by intense spices that, perhaps a few decades ago, would have overpowered the plain meat-and-potatoes tastes of most Americans.

Ethnic Breakfast

There are very few variations when it comes to our morning meal, and it’s about time to introduce something to shake things up. Expect some exciting fusions and novel concoctions to surface!

Homemade Everything

Diners desire an “authentic” experience and expect what is served will be made in-house. Business owners and chefs will benefit from serving condiments such as aioli, ketchup and mustard that are made from scratch. Other items that may peak interest are pickles, marinades and chips. Offering this will give your menu a sense of originality and boost your reputation in the process.

Fancy Street Food

Creative chefs and high caliber food offerings have drawn people out to food trucks on their lunch hour. Restaurants have taken notice and are transforming their basic items into something more enticing. This year, expect to see a spin on street foods served in your local restaurant.

Underused Meats

Not long ago, consuming strange and arguably unsavory ingredients was all the rage. The mania for adventure eating has since cooled down, but people are still interested in trying parts of the animal they would otherwise throw away, such as the pig’s ear, cow’s heart and other meats. With increased ecological concern and the passion to waste less and explore more, many restaurateurs are not just open to this idea, but seeking these cuts of meat.

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