Digital and Smart Tools for Food Safety

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No one ever said owning a restaurant is easy. In addition to providing superb service, delicious food and an exciting menu, restaurant owners are tasked with feeding guests and making sure nothing is wrong with the food they serve.

Of the many daily tasks and concerns a manager faces, perhaps none weighs heavier than ensuring food remains safe and free of contaminants. After all, a sick customer not only damages your reputation, but one can also lead to a health-department shutdown.

While new customer-facing apps and services have made it easier for guests to check in, order food and pay, smart kitchen appliances and digital technology in the back of the house are making it easier to keep food safe. 

Remote monitoring for both efficiency and compliance

The Checkit system serves as an example of how this digital technology might transform the kitchen. This complete monitoring system uses food-safety equipment like humidity and temperature sensors, as well as food thermometers. Installed in stoves, freezers and refrigerators, these sensors send information to the cloud where managers can remotely monitor the equipment to keep everything running as it should. Consider this something similar to a check engine light on a car, allowing you to stay on top of maintenance issues and avoid catastrophic breakdowns. Eventually, sensors could become so advanced that they will be able to automatically order the parts that need to be replaced.

The Checkit system not only makes it easy for managers to keep an eye on their equipment, but it also allows them to create a checklist of tasks. These lists can be customized based on the needs of a particular restaurant and take into consideration specific regulations, too. As workers mark off that they have completed the tasks, Checkit automatically creates and stores a verifiable record. 

One of the many useful aspects of this feature is that it provides a valuable insurance record in case someone claims to have gotten sick at your restaurant. By showing your equipment was working properly and in line with food-safety regulations, you may be able to mitigate any charges.

The Checkit system provides just one example of how an interconnected digital system can help ensure your kitchen equipment works properly and the food you serve is as safe as it is delicious.

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