5 Kitchen Tools You Need to Create Great Tacos

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We’re told from an early age that good things take time. Rome, the old saying goes, wasn’t built in a day. And though a delicious taco might be assembled in a matter of minutes, preparing the ingredients that compose that taco requires time and forethought.

The spicy and flavorful meats used in tacos often need to be marinated overnight. You also need to have a steady supply of salsa and guacamole, and depending on the number of tacos you plan to serve, you’ll want to have all the toppings and garnishes prepped well ahead of time, too.

To serve tacos properly, you’ll need the right tools in the kitchen — and for presenting them to your guests. Here’s a look at some of these essential tools.

Tortilla warmers — These covered bowls come in a variety of sizes and are used for a few different purposes. Some are used when serving multiple tortillas to guests (often with fajitas), and others are used for keeping larger stacks of tortillas warm in the kitchen.

Various veggie slicers — Tomato slicers and onion dicers are special commercial slicers that will help make your prep duties more efficient and provide better results. In the same category, an avocado slicer is an invaluable tool. Because Avocados are so hard to prepare in advance — they oxidize and spoil quickly — one of these handy instruments gives you perfect slices in seconds.

Tortilla press — If you plan on making your own tortillas in-house, a tortilla press is an essential tool. Made from heavy-duty aluminum, its simple operation delivers wonderfully even tortillas that, because they’re not perfectly round, have a distinct handmade look.

Lime juicer  A hint of lime is a distinct flavor found in many of the best tacos around. And nothing beats the taste of fresh-squeezed lime — certainly not the lime juice that comes out of those mini bottles!

Taco racks  The problem restaurants consistently face when serving hard-shell tacos is keeping them upright. A sleek stainless steel taco rack has a contemporary, minimalist look that is both unique and practical. Similar products can be used when preparing the tacos in the kitchen, too.

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