The Top Kitchen Equipment Every Restaurant Should Have

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The right equipment can redefine your kitchen, and whether it is designed to deliver a new taste, efficiency or process, the benefits are obvious. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top areas where your restaurant will benefit from upgraded kitchen equipment so you can maximize their long-term benefits.

1. Shelving That Offers Options

Whatever shelving options you’re looking for, Cambro has you covered. Camshelving kits offer durable solutions that can be used in your freezer, cooler or dry storage. These shelves are ventilated to increase air flow and they are covered by a lifetime warranty. For restaurateurs looking to optimize their vertical space usage, a Camshelving Add On Unit allows you to store product on eight different shelves without weight-bearing concerns, perfect for coolers or freezers where space is always an issue.  

2. Prep With Precision

When it comes to food prep, it’s vital that the raw ingredients be prepared in an efficient and consistent manner, so that the food tastes the same every time. Investing in food prep equipment such as food processors, mixers and slicers can have a big impact on your kitchen’s efficiency and bottom line. They can blend anything from dough to mayonnaise and egg whites, giving you plenty of ways to diversify your menu and quality product, saving your restaurant money with precision cuts. Additionally, you can improve efficiency by upgrading your prep tables. New models feature expanded storage in the door and under the table, allowing you to fully stock an entire work station without those extra trips to the cooler.

3. Cooking Basics

One of the must-have pieces of kitchen equipment is the range. Why? Because it can do anything from sear meats, stir fry vegetables, bake potatoes, fry fish, sauté chicken, or even boil water for pasta. Today’s heavy-duty ranges can be customized to your specific needs, so take a look at your menu and the volume of people you serve and you can begin to narrow down your range options.

4. High-Velocity Venting

Investing in a new hood system offers several benefits, including improved temperature maintenance and the removal of smoke and other air-borne particles. High-velocity venting systems are also more adept at grease capture and extraction, increasing overall sanitation and reducing clean-up time at the end of a shift.

5. Investing In Your Ice Machine

Many restaurateurs pass on the opportunity to upgrade their ice machine – don’t be one of them. Modern ice machines deliver the same desirable product at a fraction of the energy use of their predecessors, meaning you’ll see a drop in your energy expenses without a decline in productivity.

6. Reimagine Refrigeration

Temperature control is essential to product quality and longevity. Support your product with upgraded refrigeration options in undercounter or reach-in options that are also ENERGY STAR® compliant models. You’ll find these solutions are just as adept at saving energy and lowering utility costs as they are preserving the quality of your product.

7. Clean Up

The importance of clean pots and pans, dishes, glasses, and flatware cannot be underemphasized. That’s why you need to invest in a warewasher that’s fast and powerful enough to handle your rush periods. Finding a warewasher that’s dependable and energy-efficient will pay off in the long run.

To find more amazing equipment options for your restaurant, contact TriMark today or request our catalog.


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