Chef Stands Provide New Methods of Simple Storage

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Chefs who want new levels of control and easy preparation of their products have a new way to meet these goals. By purchasing a chef stand, they can gain a storage means for their food in a small, easy-to-access placement around the kitchen.

Precise Temperature Control

Chef stands come with a number of features, but most important and impressive is their refrigeration abilities. Many have precise control over temperature and holding cycles, which can improve food quality and safety in the long run. While these tables can be installed almost anywhere, their temperature control allows for storage anywhere between -5º Fahrenheit to 40º Fahrenheit. This means the equipment can operate as a fridge, freezer, or rapid chiller with few problems. 

Improves Food Safety

The food storage guarantees 100% cooling efficiency. No matter how many times the stand is opened or used, temperatures will remain consistent and energy will be conserved. This means the food itself is never at risk of being exposed to bacteria, illnesses or cross-contamination.

Track Drawer System Eliminates Maintenance Tasks

Many chef stands also come with track drawer systems, which prevent the drawers of the equipment itself from becoming detached or damaged over the course of their use. They can fully extend or be pulled in without users worrying about harming the long-term safety of the equipment.

Small Size Means Many Options

Because they stand so low, the equipment can have anything placed on its top, which means it can fit under cutting boards or any other equipment. This means they can be used to make a kitchen more efficient or remove redundancies among equipment uses.

Chef stands provide a number of bulk storage improvements for any kitchen needing new equipment, plus they're easy to clean and have design flexibility. Their adoption can mean a number of needs can be eased.

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