Cleanliness is King at Quick-Serve Restaurants

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If your quick-serve restaurant is unclean, it will be extremely difficult to retain customers, never mind attract new patrons. With regular updates to restaurant equipment and supplies, a restaurant can ensure they stay on the good side of their customers while also meeting health requirements and remaining compliant. When it comes to customer demands, cleanliness is king above all else, according to QSR Magazine. According to a retail study, 14 percent of consumers would stop visiting a store they deemed less clean than they would like, while another 29 percent would only go there if it was absolutely necessary. These figures only increase when it comes to restaurants - cleanliness ranks highest among important factors for patrons of quick-service restaurant, rising above all other operational aspects.

For both customer reactions and health reasons, picking up new equipment might serve foodservice operators better, as many modern pieces of equipment will be more accessible and easier to clean than equipment that has been in use for a long time. Older equipment can collect plenty of unsightly residue the more it's used, and even one day without cleaning can provide a major roadblock in keeping things clean. New equipment also improves preparation time and overall quality.

Regular and Vigilant Cleaning a Must

Since hiring staff solely dedicated to cleaning the restaurant may not be feasible, it's important for restaurant operators to do everything they can to keep their spaces clean. According to Restaurant Mgmt 101, making a "closing checklist" can be a good place to start. This list includes everything that absolutely needs to be done before the restaurant closes down for the night, from ensuring refrigerators are cleaned and organized to vacuuming the floors of the restaurant itself. 

Apart from this closing checklist, there are a number of other things restaurant owners should be paying attention to on a regular basis. These include ensuring that menus are properly cleaned and do not exhibit any signs of wear and tear. Further, it's critical to regularly check the bathroom to make sure that everything is in working order and that there is plenty of soap, paper towels, toilet paper, and everything else, the Huffington Post notes. 

At the end of the day, a quick-service restaurant can make great strides in retaining customers and bringing in new patrons if the space itself is clean and the customer experience is a pleasant one. 

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