Randell's Precision Refrigeration FX Series FAQs

What is the Precision Refrigeration FX Series?

The FX Series is a revolutionary precise refrigeration system that allows precision control over refrigerated storage, and is the first major, significant innovation in refrigeration in over 70 years. Randell’s FX Series is a modular platform that can be used in any point-of-use application. The refrigerated drawers operate independently, and users can set each drawer anywhere between -5 and 40 degrees.

What makes Randell's FX commercial refrigeration different from other refrigeration systems on the market?

Traditional refrigeration systems all suffer from the same problems. Open and close them again and again, and the cold air escapes rather than staying where it belongs – with the food. The FX Series refrigerated drawer system harnesses the power of physics and technology, to trap cold air and ensure precise temperature control and consistent temperatures – factors that positively impact food quality, food safety, and energy efficiency.

How does the revolutionary refrigeration technology work?

Two key elements of the Randell FX refrigeration design are the lid and the insulated insert. When the refrigerated drawer is closed, the lid is sealed against the flange of the insulated insert, and allows the innovative diffuser to circulate cold air from the lid to all surfaces of the insulated insert. Diffuser slots surround the stored food, shielding it from potential heat invasion, while the insulated insert keeps the cold with the food allowing the maintenance of precise / consistent temperatures.

What is the benefit of having precise temperature control? Why would I need that kind of flexibility?

The front-mounted temperature controls allow the Randell FX Series refrigeration units to be dialed into a precise temperature anywhere between -5 and 40 degrees, depending on the immediate need. That type of temperature flexibility ensures all products have precise storage temperature (fresh or frozen) to maximize shelf-life and keep your products at the peak of freshness. For specific examples of recommended fresh and frozen temperature storage, please visit our website at FX Series Literature and click on the “FX Series Temperature Application Flyer.

What sizes of Randell FX Series refridgeration units are available?

The FX Series modular drawers can be installed at point-of-use preparation, even directly under a grill or cook top, or integrated into existing stands and equipment. Pre-configured models include: refrigerated drawers (built-in solutions), Cook-Top Systems, Preparation Work-Top Systems, High-Capacity Triple Stack Units, and Custom Precision Storage Systems.

How can products be stored in the Randell Refrigeration FX Series?

The insulated storage area allows you to choose how you would like to store products – in bulk, using your own containers, or in traditional 12” x 20” pans. No matter how you store your product, you will have easier access to the contents, and greater capacity at the point-of-use. These are just a few of the ergonomic benefits FX Series users enjoy.

What applications are suitable for a Randell FX unit?

The FX Series is the perfect refrigeration system for a wide variety of applications such as:
  • Beef, Pork & Poultry – keep at a soft freezing temperature for cutting without thawing, and immediate, predictable cooking.
  • Sauces – keep frozen to limit flavor-damaging refreezing and crystallization or messy dripping and cross-contamination.
  • Seafood – store precisely and consistently at 32 degrees to protect fresh taste, texture, and consistency without the assistance of ice.
  • French Fries & Breaded Products – avoid ice crystals or premature thawing that can lead to excess moisture and loss of constitution.
  • Fruits & Vegetables – keep cold, fresh and crisp for as long as possible.
  • Ice cream, Sorbet, Pudding, Gelatin & other Desserts – keep at the perfect temperature for the perfect consistency.
  • Bottled Beverages – easily accessible at the perfect temperature.