Hatco® Palletti Induction Warmers

Imagine the disappointment if a chef’s hard work would go to waste, Palletti Induction Warmers by Hatco are ideally built to keep a variety of hot dishes at optimum temperature through the duration of an event while preserving its original quality.

Low-profile black warmers with an ultra-thin design ensure the emphasis is on the flavorful food.
Features & Functions
    Three Hatco Palletti Induction Warmers interconnected to one power cord
  • Five simple and precise settings to accommodate an assortment of foods
  • Memory retentive: once turned off and back on, the last setting will resume
  • Energy efficient and quiet to avert unwanted disruptions
  • No open flames and automatic shut-off to prevent overheating
  • Easy to clean glass-ceramic top (white top available on Built-In Warmers only)
  • Features a control panel with a standby key, temperature control arrow keys and setting indicators
  • Pan Sense Technology which activates the equipment only when a suitable pan is placed on top
  • Hatco Palletti Warmer 600W
  • 600W countertop and built-ins have greater power for larger volume of food
  • The 360W countertop allows for multiple units to be interconnected to one electrical outlet providing even greater energy efficiency and a simple cord management system
  • Maximum number of 360W interconnected warmers are 5 in the US and 4 for Canada
Heat Up Your Next Culinary Display