Glo-Ray® Curved Infrared Strip Heater

This innovative product embodies a patented design with LED lighting and pre-focused heat patterns to completely blanket a food holding counter safely, keeping dishes at optimal serving temperatures.

Features & Benefits

  • Low energy, field replaceable LED lighting provides years of usage
  • Reflectors are designed to deliver pre‑focused infrared energy
  • Attractive curved design enhances the look of your front of house display
  • Linear infinite controls with adjustability from 0% to 100% for precise settings
  • Available in both standard and high watt models
  • Available in many colors and gloss finishes such as Gleaming Gold, Glossy Gray, Bold Black, Radiant Red and Brilliant Blue
  • Optional dual colored LED lighting allows for toggling between a warm and cool white for appropriate color temperature

Customer Testimonial

Harbor House | Milwaukee, Wi