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Spiral and Planetary


Using the right mixer for your establishment can be crucial to food quality and production time. Find out if a spiral or planetary model will enhance your operation.





The main function of a spiral mixer is to gently and efficiently mix doughs, allowing for proper gluten structure development. These units may not have the versatility of a planetary model, but it produces a higher quality product.

Globe Spiral Mixer

How it Works


The bowl swivels and turns the dough into the rotating hook; the synchronization of the hook and bowl allow for optimal kneading and a perfect outcome. You can choose from multiple speeds - ‘low’ brings the mixture together as a homogeneous mass, while ‘high’ develops the gluten structure.


During the kneading process a breaker bar divides the product, only allowing portions to pass through the hook. This keeps friction low and provides an even combination of ingredients.

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These versatile models are often referred to as ‘all-purpose’ mixers. They can prepare anything from sauces, frosting and mashed potatoes to cookies, pizza and bread doughs.


How it Works


Removable attachments, whip, beater and hook allows for more flexibly in what you can produce. The bowl remains stationary as the hook rotates while also circling around the bowl (much like a planet rotating on its axis around the sun).


Globe planetary mixers add further flexibility by becoming a timesaving, high-volume food processor for cutting, slicing, shredding, grinding and tenderizing a variety of meats, cheeses, fruits and vegetables.

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Globe Planetary Mixer

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