Avtec Bus-Trac Conveyor Dishwasher

Maximize Space, Increase Productivity - Avtec Bus-Trac Conveyor Dishwashers

The Avtec Bus-Trac System utilizes vertical accumulation of soiled trays, 2-5 tiers, to form a “buffer” between the dining area and dish room, and brings the trays to your personnel by continuously rotating.

Features & Benefits

Avtec Conveyor DishwasherEfficient

Eliminates “stack up” at the cafeteria tray drop off area – handles up to twenty times the trays of conventional single belt conveyors.

Avtec Conveyor DishwasherLabor savings 

The cantilever design over the dishtable provides efficient scrapping, saving labor costs in a reduced footprint. FTE’s (Full Time Equivalents) are reduced during peak labor by accumulating trays at the initial start of the meal period, or slower dining periods.

Avtec Conveyor DishwasherCleanibility

Stainless steel tray carriers and uprights are easily removable and will fit in any conveyor dishmachine for daily cleaning.

Avtec Conveyor DishwasherVersatile and flexible

Stainless steel carrier heights are field adjustable and are available in 2, 3, 4 and 5 tier configurations. Tray carrier inserts are standard on the bottom tray carrier for single items such as hollowware and utensils, and additional inserts are available. Scrapping conveyors, troughs and dishtables are available to minimize floor space and maximize FTE’s through creative layout solutions. Decorative color packages are available to enhance the tray drop off area matching the cafeteria décor.

Avtec Conveyor DishwasherHeavy duty, high quality

Heavy duty motor, sprocket, axle and stainless steel chain link drive assembly. All stainless steel, heavy gage channel internal construction. Infrared, polarized retro-reflective beam type limit switch prevents tray jams at tray drop off area. Control panel includes start/stop buttons, variable speed drive control, hour meter and panel disconnect switch. Additional remote start/stop switch provided as standard.


Let's face it, no two kitchens are alike. Contact TriMark to choose which Bus-Trac Soiled Tray Return Conveyor System is right for your kitchen!