Bring Your Menu to a New Level

Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold Smoker Oven is a multifaceted piece of equipment that produces foods with unique, bold flavors without additional sodium, fats or sugars. Use of this powerful oven will increase product yield that ultimately provides your restaurant with greater profits.


Easy Operation

Simple or deluxe controls that allow you to cook by time or probe. The oven senses the internal product temperature & once the set parameters are met, it automatically converts to hold mode

Full Size Alto Shaam Cook & Hold Smoker Oven

Intuitive Cooking

Easy to use, programmable controls store up to 8 recipes that include cook, hold, smoke, time & probe set points


Waterless Design

Does not require plumbing, drains, filtration or maintenance, decreasing installation & operating expenses


Sealed, Static Environment

Maintains the meat’s natural flavors & juices improving the quality, reducing meat shrink, enhancing the smoke essence & preventing overcooking or drying when held for an extended time


More Yields, Less Waste

With 18% less protein shrinkage you can serve more portions from the same cut of meat & increase your profit margin

Half Size Alto Shaam Cook & Hold Smoker Oven

SureTemp Heat Recovery System

Immediately compensates for heat loss when the door is opened as well as sends an audible reminder if it’s ajar for more than 3 minutes


Fully-Integrated Smoker Box

Provides a natural wood aroma by utilizing your choice of hickory, apple, cherry or maple wood chips


Time Saving

Complete various actions all in one cabinet; cook, hold, roast, reheat & smoke



Smoking is applicable for both hot and cold food items; expand your menu by transforming ordinary ingredients such as cheese, seafood, vegetables, nuts, fruits & more

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Enhanced Food Quality

Halo Heat® technology creates gentle, radiant heat that evenly surrounds food without extreme temperate fluctuations or added humidity & fans. This heat combined with the precise temperatures enacts an enzyme effect that naturally tenderizes proteins.



Available in 3 cabinet sizes; full, half height & undercounter & various pan capacities (3, 9, 5, 14, 7 and 10)

Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold Smoker Oven with door open presenting warm food
Alto-Shaam Twelve Boar Success Story