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The Cost-Saving Benefits of Cook & Hold Ovens

These commercial ovens are thoughtfully crafted to take up less space, cook more and save money. Below are the advantages to integrating an Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold Oven into your workflow.


Energy Efficient

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Gentle, radiant Halo Heat® technology is designed to cook foods without using exceedingly hot elements. Roast, braise, sous-vide or hold products at optimal temperature, all for less than $2 per day operating cost.

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Reduce Labor

Utilize this equipment overnight and keep heat regulated even when the kitchen is closed. Included are set-and-forget controls that streamline the workflow even on the busiest days.



Built for easy cleaning and to speed up daily routines. No need for water - just remove shelving and wipe.



Place Anywhere

No hood, external ventilation or plumbing required. Simply place a Cook & Hold Oven under or on top of counters / tabletops to maximize the work area. No modification to the existing space is needed.


More Meals & Less Cost

Meat shrinkage is reduced by 15-20%, while naturally tenderizing every cut. Get more slices and servings per product, produce less waste and gain added profits.



Save time, maximize production and reduce labor.


Cook & Hold Meat 
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